Chaung Thar Beach

Chaungtha is a 5-hour drive from Yangon, and is a village that is best known for its beach and resort.
Chaungtha Beach is one of the most relaxing places in the country; many people come here to unwind and embrace the picturesque surroundings. Even around the beach area, there are some islands that are worth exploring, such as Pho Kalar and White Sand Island. Because of the unspoiled beauty, you swim in clear waters and soak in quiet surroundings.

Chaung Thar Beach Photos Gallery | Chaung Thar Beach Map

Enjoy comfortable services at  Chaung Thar Beach

  • Laze on the beach, or sip cocktails at your hotel bar as the sun sets over the water
  • Visit nearby fishing villages in the early morning to see locals unload their catch

Chaung Thar Beach Photos Gallery | Chaung Thar Beach Map

Excursions around Chaung Thar Beach

Accommodation suggestions in Chaung Thar Beach

  • Belle Resort Chaung Thar (5* Hotel)
  • Golden Beach Resort Hotel (4* Hotel)
  • Hotel Max Chaung Thar (3* Hotel)
  • Lai Lai Hotel (3* Hotel)
  • Shwe Hin Thar Chaung Thar (3* Hotel)
  • Ambo Hotel (3* Hotel)