Around of Kalaw

Kalaw is located to the west of Inle Lake, It stands 1320 meter above sea level on the western edge of the Shan Plateau. It is 70km west of Taunggyi, about halfway along the Thazi-Taunggyi road.
There are some interesting in Kalaw that we should not miss:

Colonial Buildings in Kalaw:

Kalaw was one of the hill stations during the British’s colonial period. Many charming colonial buildings such as houses, hospitals, golf courses, tennis grounds, Anglican Church can be seen around Kalaw.

Anglican Church:

This Anglican Church is one of the many buildings in Kalaw built in 1906 by the British during the colonial times. This Church located in the south-western part of Kalaw.

Myin Ma Hti Cave:

Be the east of Kalaw there is a very interesting site are the Myin Ma Hti Caves . where you can see the different sizes of the Buddha Statues placed together. The caves’ length are just over one thousand feet and they are lined by stalactites and natural formations on the walls that are known for their uncanny resemblance to life-like objects. Visitors can also visit the Myin-ma-hti, Da-nu village on this trip. It is a beautiful trip, and once over the pass, there are hillocks stretching into the distance as far as the eye can see.

Nee Paya (Bamboo Buddha Image):

Located in Pinmagon Monastery of Pinmagon Village, Kalaw Township. Belong to te south of Shan State. the buddha was estimated to be established in First Inn-wa Period over 500 years ago. It is eight feet four inches high. It is noted for its longevity, its prevention of fire, and its wish granting powers.

Palaung Village:

To get to the Paulaung, it will take bout two to four hours. the first steeply track will leads us down into a narrow valley where the Palaung cultivate tea, damsons and mangoes on the hillsides. The next track crosses the valley floor and then climbs very steeply again to the Palaung village of Pinnabin, then you will see it is on the top on the hill.

Shwe U Min Pagoda:

The pagoda is inside a natural cave and there is a golden Buddha statues, Shwe U Min Pagoda is about half a mile south-west of the Kalaw Market.