Kyaing Tong in Burma

Kengtung, a Shan trading town near the Chinese border in Burma’s far east, sits amongst a large rural population of traditional tribes, including the Akha, La Mone & Lahu, all of whom inhabit the surrounding Kengtung province, offering a truly unspoiled glimpse at an area forgotten by the rest of the world.
Keng Tung is a small sleeping town hidden away in the far east of the Shan state. The town is located in the vicinity of the infamous area well-known as The Golden Triangle, once famed for its opium production and smuggling. The main focus on a visit to Keng Tung is leisurely treks and cycle to the charming tribal villages and authentic ethnic minorities that inhabit the surrounding hills. A wander around the town, compulsory with a local guide escorted, is an excellent way to take in the old decaying colonial atmosphere. A stroll around the Naung Tung Lake flanked by colonial architecture & cafes, get you to a perfect place to relax, watch the sun go down, and perhaps share some tea with the friendly locals. The day after, get up early in the morning, then pay a visit to the market where you can be offered a lovely opportunity to see the colourfully dressed tribespeople head into town to sell their produce & barter for essentials. You can feel the hustle and bustle of market life with all the various ethnic minorities who have come into town to sell their various wares and to buy supplies not readily available in their respective villages.
Due to its geographic proximity to both Laos and Thailand, Keng Tung is likely to has more cultural affiliation with its two neighbors than it does with the rest of Burma. Although the town lies midway between both the Thanlwin river in Burma and the Mekong on the Thai and Laos sides, there is a mountain range cutting off Keng Tung with the rest of Burma, thus strongly influencing on the town both cultural and historical links with the Thais and Laotians.