Mandalay Hill

Lying at 235 meters above the Mandalay City, to the northeast of the city center, Mandalay Hill is one of the best attractions that should not be missed once you pay the city a visit.
This site is particularly popularized with many pagodas and monasteries and has been playing the role as the pilgrimage place for the Burmese Buddhists for almost two centuries. To get to the top, you can use four stairways leading upward or walk to the escalator for a lift should you be unable to make the climb.
As you begin the ascent, you will be confronted by two very large Chinthes lions, which are standing at the main gate. Close to the top there is a large Buddha standing, with his right hand pointing toward the city. It is believed that Buddha was once at this site and made a famous prophecy that one day there would be a great city built at the foot of the hills.
The Sutaungpyei Pagoda is laid at the top of the hill. You will find on each of the four corners of the terrace put a king of the ogres and his armies behind him. Besides, under the Buddha images are a few of creatures being responsible for the many rebirths of the Buddha during the Samsara cycle.

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