Monywa is a town lies on the bank of Chindwin river, tucked away in the dry zone of Central Burma West of Mandalay. Although the area receives few foreign tourists, the town and surroundings are dotted with a number of unique sites.
The valley surrounding Monywa is full of busy farms, beautiful pagodas and small villages. The rural area is mainly prominently agricultural, with short-month crops as beans, palm sugar and cotton. Further west of the Chindwin river situated a large-scaled copper mine.
The local market in town offers locally produced food, fruit, handicrafts and textiles and are ideal places to buy any souvenirs that you need as well as to try some of the local dishes. Local people here use mainly motorbikes, bicycles and trishaws for daily work and transportation.
Monywa can be translated closely into “Miss pancake town”. A local legend says that in the past, there was a Prince visiting the village then met a girl selling fried pancakes whom he eventually married.

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