Mrauk U in Burma – Next Angkor Wat

Burma (Myanmar) is becoming the new hotspot destination of Southeast Asia. Now that the US has re-established diplomatic relations with the newly civilian government and the National League for Democracy has dropped its long-standing travel boycott, tourism has tripled, with visitors zeroing in on attractions like Yangon’s 2000-year-old gold-covered Shwedagon Paya, the floating markets of Inle Lake, and Bagan’s 4000 ancient temples. Some visitors dub Mrauk U in Burma as the ‘next Angkor Wat’ and it is a wonderful site, particularly when you explore outer temples with a flashlight and a sense of imagination. Mrauk U in Burma is the timeless home to 700 ancient temples that serve as a backdrop to a still-active village life of goat herders, cauliflower farmers and passing monks.

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Places to visit Mrauk U in Burma (Myohaung)

  • Andaw Pagoda
  • Kothaung Pagoda
  • Mrauk U Palace Museum
  • Chin Tattoo villages
  • Vesali
  • Theingi Shwegu
  • Shwe Gugri
  • Mongkamoung Temple
  • Ratana Man Aung

Excursion around Mrauk U

The Ngwe Saung (Silver Beach) is a wonderful area for those looking to steer clear of the usual beach bustle. Ngwe Saung is also called Silver Beach, which should tell you something. It boasts several resorts that generally fit most budgets. No matter which one you choose, expect to find yourself a stone’s throw away from the beach and its unsullied sands. This is living.

Accommodation suggestions Mrauk U in Burma

  • The Mrauk U Princess (4* Hotels )
  • Prince Hotel (3* Hotel)
  • Shwe Thazin Hotel Mrauk U (3* Hotel)
  • Narawat Hotel (2* Hotel)
  • Vesali Resort (2* Hotel)