Top Myanmar Beaches & Best Time for Beach Holidays

Myanmar beach is rather different from ones in SE Asian country. Beaches in Myanmar (Burma) is very beautiful, untouched, and […]

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Top Important Festivals in Myanmar

1. Full Moon of Tabaung Full Moon of Tabaumg Festival is the traditional merit-making day for Buddhists. It takes place […]

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Transportation Guide using for Myanmar Tours

SEA Wanders offers a wide variety of transportation for our customers, from car transportation to flight airway, from boat and […]

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Reveal Secrets of Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle, where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand intersect, is steeped in history and indigenous culture. Historically this region has […]

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Discover Authentic Myanmar Countryside in Mawlamyine

The city is the capital of Mon state with very much rich in historical building and culture that is really […]

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Increase Zone Fee to Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan zone fee increased since January 01, 2015 from US$ 15 to US$ 20 per person. This fee is applicible […]

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