Myanmar Train Information

Train travel in Myanmar can be from adventurous to adrenaline pumping adventure depending on your health conditions. In spite of […]

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Mandalay – Land of Burma Ancient Capitals

The area around Mandalay city is very rich in ancient capitals, which leave countless valued historic and religious relics. Thanks […]

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Myanmar’s Attractive Street Food Myanmar’s Attractive Street Food

As an enigmatic country, Myanmar is also attractive for its original cuisine based on distinctly indigenous ingredients. Strolling around the […]

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Differences of Buddhist Architecture Among Indochina Countries

Five out six of Indochina countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar principally practice Buddhism, but it will be […]

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Myanmar’s Unique Novitiation Ceremony

In Myanmar, boys all have to experience one or several times of “monk-hood”. They will leave their home and be […]

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Trek Kalaw and Meet Ethnic People

Kalaw is a former colonial British hill station in western Shan State of Myanmar (Burma), at 1320m above the sea […]

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