small temples and monastery's remaining around Inwa

Inwa (Ava)

Innwa, or Ava before, is located to the south of Amarapura. It was the capital of Burma in the past for a couple of times over several centuries, the first time in the 14th century. Innwa was established in 1364 on an artificial island, bordering with the Irrawaddy river in the North and the Myitnge river to the East. When people dug a canal was on the West and South, the Innwa island was made.

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Thanaka Burma

Burma – Thanaka, the secret of beauty

Burmese women’s and children’s use of thanaka is a unique custom; we uncover this tradition’s background and the reasons it continues to thrive today.

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How Much Does It Cost to Travel in Burma 2014

How Much Does It Cost to Travel in Burma 2014?

“How much does it cost to travel in Burma/Myanmar?” is the most often asked question, which I get in your […]

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Cost of living in Burma

Cost of living in Burma for the expat in 2014

How much does it cost to live in Myanmar? It depends on your lifestyle is the shortest, but very vague answer. Many will tell you that you that you can rent an apartment for $200-300 and eat delicious meals on the street for $1.

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Dukkanthein Pagoda

Dukkanthein Pagoda – The archiological legacy of Rakhine State

Emerging like a fortress from the gentle hills around Mrauk U is Dukkanthein Paya.  Some have described it as being […]

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