Nga Htat Gyi

Inside the five-tiered wooden pagoda building sits an impressive Buddha Statue. The statue is14 meters tall on its pedestal and the same distance wide, the white Buddha is beautifully adorned in gold and precious gems.

Looking down tranquilly on the devotees from high up on its platform, the Buddha at the Ngahtatgyi is striking in appearance, framed by its exquisite gold crown and unusual gold body “armor.” The ceiling and wall behind the Buddha are sophisticatedly carved, and there are famous paintings and other artworks within the complex. Chinthe guardian lions can be seen at the pagoda entrance, as many other ones.

The Ngahtatgyi pagoda is located inside the Ashay Tawya Kyaung. From here, you can easily pay another visit to the Chauk Htat Gyi pagoda, just across the Shwe Gon Taing street. From the top of Kandawgyi Lake, if you would like to get to it, simply follow the Ngahtatgyi Pagoda Street, which will take you to the front entrance of the monastery.

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