Ngapali Beach

Lovely located in Rakhine State, Thandwe, Burma, Ngapali Beach is one of the most pristine and well-known beaches not only in Asia but all over the world. Its name is presumed to have been derived from the name of a visiting Italian man from Naples, because there is no other meaning for “Napoli” in the Burmese language.
You can fly into the area via the Thandwe airport, which is the recommended route (45 minutes from Yangon). It takes longer to reach the beach overland (around 15 hours by bus). This area is about 3km of white sands and palm trees, one of the most picturesque destinations in Burma (Myanmar). It borders the Bay of Bengal and as you can imagine it has an endless view to the horizon.
There are only a handful of hotels and resorts in the area and they are mainly higher-end, which limits the range of visitors somewhat. This adds to its quietness and is perfect for those looking for a more private holiday. You can enjoy all the usual seaside activities and the area has a golf course as well.

Ngapali Beach Photos Gallery | Ngapali Beach Map

Enjoy comfortable services at  Ngapali Beach

  • Laze on the beach, or sip cocktails at your hotel bar as the sun sets over the water
  • Visit nearby fishing villages in the early morning to see locals unload their catch

Ngapali Beach Photos Gallery | Ngapali Beach Map

Excursions around Ngapali Beach

Accommodation suggestions in Ngapali Beach

  • Aureum Palace Hotels & Resorts (5* Hotel)
  • Sandoway Resort  (5* Hotel)
  • Amara Resort Ngapali (5* Hotel)
  • Bay View Ngapali Hotel (4* Hotel)
  • Ngapali Bay Villas and Spas (4* Hotel)
  • Thande Beach Hotel (3* Hotel)
  • Silver Beach Hotel(3* Hotel)
  • Linthar Oo Lodge (3* Hotel)