Ngwe Saung, the beach by Bengal Bay

The Ngwe Saung (Silver Beach) is a wonderful area for those looking to steer clear of the usual beach bustle. The beach is one of Burma’s most accessible beaches, and is a leisurely, scenic four-hour drive from the capital, Yangon. It boasts several resorts that generally fit most budgets. No matter which one you choose, expect to find yourself a stone’s throw away from the beach and its unsullied sands. This is living.
Excellent dining can also be found along the beach, so you won’t have to confine yourself to cuisine whipped up by your hotel’s chef, excellent though it may be. Activities besides swimming and lolling in the sun include the usual beach fare, such as snorkeling and boat rides. Ngwe Saung is a resort area with more entertainment options, Chaungtha, is two hours away, so dance floors are within reach if a fuller nightlife is important to you. But spending all your time at quieter and idyllic Ngwe Saung is not in any sense a deprivation.

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Places to visit in Ngwe Saung

  • Thazin villages
  • Ananda Oakkyaung
  • Lovers’ Island
  • Elephant Camp

Excursions around Ngwe Saung

Accommodation suggestions in Mrauk U

  • Bay of Bengal Resort (5* Hotel)
  • Aureum Palace Ngwe Saung (5* Hotel)
  • Sunny Paradise Resort  (4* Hotel)
  • Emerald Sea Hotel (3* Hotel)
  • Hotel ACE Ngwe Saung Beach (3* Hotel)