Phaung daw oo Pagoda

Dominating the skyline of entire Yangon City, the magnificent Shwedagon golden stupa is considered the most revered and sacred of all Buddhist sites by people of Burma.
Its magnificent appearance glitters brilliantly in the sun during daytime, and reveals its glow almost magically amid spotlights at night, making it the ideal place for any sunset view in Yangon.
The Shwedagon Pagoda is lovely situated to the north of central Yangon, between People’s Park and Kandawgyi Lake. Get a ticket at the counter of the pagoda then head over to the elevator, which leads you to the majestic stupa. As you slowly emerge on the other side of the platform, and leisurely stroll toward the foot of the monument, you will see the stupa gradually unfolding before you, a sight that should not be missed.
The Shwedagon Pagoda is an indispensible part of any trip to this metropolitan city, not only because it is of such cultural significance to the Burmese people, but also because its golden gleam is so visible across the city!

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