Pindaya Caves in Burma

Pindaya is an hill tribe town, nestled in Shan plateau. From an hour drive, we can connect it either from Kalaw or Inle Lake. The beautiful drive to Pindaya brings you through charming countryside which is unlike other rural land in Burma. You will have chance to meet groups of Pa-O in wide brimmed hats, resting under the shade of mature old trees. At Pindaya you will find a serene lake and an amusing local market, especially the Pindaya caves containing over 8,000 images on Buddha. Travel a bit further to the northwest of Pindaya, you will see the Padah-Lin-Caves which are perhaps more interesting and certainly more important than Pindaya. These prehistoric caves have ancient paintings perhaps dating back as far as 10,000 years which have been popularly compared to the Neolithic cave paintings found in Europe.