Royal Palace in Mandalay

The former Mandalay Royal Palace was originally located in Amarapura. When King Mindon had founded the new capital city of Mandalay in 1857, he decided to rebuild a new Royal Palace here, called the Mya Nan San Kyaw. This Royal Palace is the last architecture constructed by a Burmese Royal family. It houses dozens of developments including audience halls, throne halls, a monastery, a watch tower, a court building, a tooth relic building and a library where restore the Buddhist scriptures.

The palace that was entirely built of teak wood and put in the center of the citadel complex. The citadel was built with each angle of 2 kilometers. There are 12 gates surrounding the structure, each hold the sign of the Zodiac. The walls are lovely nestled inside a 60 meter wide moat, crossed by a number of bridges.

When the British colonial took control of the Mandalay City in 1885, during the reign of the King Thibaw Min, the last King of Konbaung dynasty and Burma Kingdom, they used the Royal Palace as a fort for the British army. During the World War II, the Royal Palace was nearly razed by fire after a bombing attack. There were only two original developments including the Royal mint and the watch tower that remained undestroyed. During the 1990′s, the palace was reconstructed and renovated, pursueing the original design but partly using modern materials as concrete.

There are some artifacts on display inside the palace in which much of them date back to the end of the 19th century. Besides, several rooms of the palace are used to showcase life-sized statues of King Mindon and his successor King Thibaw, the last King of the Burma Kingdom. The Palace and surrounding gardens are subject to be open to the public.

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