Sagaing is located 22km to the southern of Mandalay City, on the west bank of the Irrawaddy River, under the administrative control of Sagaing division, the largest division in Burma. Sagaing used to be the capital of the Mongol empire around 1315 after the collapse of Pagan Kingdom. However, the limelight of Sagaing did not last too long because the founder’s grandson Thado Minbya in 1364 decided to relocate his capital across the river to Inwa. It acted the role as the capital of the Kingdom second times from 1760 to 1764. Today, Sagaing is well-recognized as a meditation centre of entire Burma. The local people all over the country mainly pay it a visit for the purpose of religious retreat.

Two of the four major rivers in total of the country including Irrawaddy and Chin Dwin, besides Sittaung and Than Lwin, make their flow through this division. Sagaing is connected with Mandalay and Innwa by the Sagaing and Innwa bridges.

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