Things to know about the Myanmar map

Myanmar is an ancient country where is famous for its great religious monuments and delicate architecture. This peaceful and beautiful country also attracts foreigners by the natural scenery and unique customs. Nowadays, Myanmar is chosen as one of best place to visit in Asia for many tourists. Before exploring this land, you need to learn about the Myanmar map to prepare carefully for your memorable trip. Use our map of Myanmar below to start planning a trip to one of the most magical and undiscovered destinations in the world

1. General information about Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia that borders Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and Thailand. About one third of Myanmar’s total perimeter is an uninterrupted coastline adjacent to the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

According to the 2014 demographic survey, Myanmar has 51 million inhabitants, covers an area of 676,578 km². The capital city is Naypyidaw and the largest city is Yangon.

Myanmar is called ‘’The Golden Land’’

Myanmar is very diverse in terms of ethnicity. Although the government recognizes 135 different ethnicities, the actual number is much lower. The Bamar (68% of the population), Shan (10% of the population), Kayin (7% of the population), Rakhine (4% of the population), Chinese (3% of the population), Man Mon (2% of the population) – is a group of ethnic and linguistic people with Khmer people, Indians (2% of the population). The rests are Kachin, Chin and other minorities.

2. Myanmar Map

Myanmar has the coordinates 16 ° 48 ‘north latitude, 96 ° 09’ east latitude (16.8, 96.15), according to the GMT/GMT +6: 30-hour zone.

The total area of Myanmar is 678,500 square kilometers (261,970 sq mi), becomes the largest country in the mainland Southeast Asia and is the 40th largest country in the world (after Zambia). It is slightly smaller than Texas and slightly larger than Afghanistan.

Myanmar is located between Chittagong District of Bangladesh and Assam, Nagaland and Manipur of India in the northwest. It has the longest border with Tibet and Yunnan of China in the northeast with a total length of 2,185 km (1,358 miles). Myanmar borders with Laos and Thailand in the southeast. Myanmar’s coastline extends 1,930 km along the Andaman Sea and Benga Bay in the south and southwest, occupying one-third of the country’s total border.

The Myanmar map detail

In the north, Hengduan Shan Mountain forms the border with China. Hkakabo Razi, located in Bang Kachin, at 5,881 m (19,295 feet), is the highest point in Myanmar.

Bago Yoma, Rakhine Yoma, and Shan Plateau are within the territory of Myanmar, running north-south from the Himalayas. The mountains of the three river systems of Myanmar, Ayeyarwady, Thanlwin, and Sittang. Ayeyarwady River, the longest river in Myanmar, is about 2,170 km long (1,348 miles) in Martaban Bay.

The fertile plains lie in the valleys between the mountains. Ayeyarwady Valley is the place where most of Myanmar’s people live, located between Rakhine Yoma and the Shan Plateau.

Almost Myanmar is situated in the Asian monsoon region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. Its coastal areas receiving an average rainfall of 5,000 mm (197 in) annually. Annual rainfall in the plains is approximately 2,500 mm (98 in), while annual average rainfall in the Dry Zone, located in central Myanmar, is less than 1,000 mm (39 in). The northern parts of the country have the coldest climate, the average temperature is 21 ° C (70 ° F). Coastal and delta regions have an average temperature of 32 ° C (90 ° F).

3. Favorites destinations for tourists on the Myanmar Map

Yangon: Yangon or Rangoon, formerly known as Rangoon, is Burma’s largest city, with a population of 4,082,000 (2005). On the map of Myanmar, this city is located at the junction of Yangon River and Bago River, 30 km from Martaban Bay. The coordinates of Yangon are 16 ° 48 ‘north latitude, 96 ° 09’ east latitude (16.8, 96.15), according to the GMT/GMT +6: 30-hour zone. This is a must-visit destination when you visit Myanmar

Map of Myanmar with cities

Bagan: Bagan is an ancient city situated in central Myanmar, southwest of Mandalay, near the eastern banks of the Ayeyarwady River. This city is famous for the Bagan Archaeological Area which has more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments tower above green plains. Bagan is 104 km² wide, the coordinates are 21.1717° north latitude, 94.8585° east latitude (21.1717, 94.8585), according to the GMT/GMT +6: 30-hour zone.

Mandalay: Mandalay (coordinates 21 ° 58’B, 96 ° 04’D) is the second largest city in Myanmar (Burma) with a population of 927,000 in 2005, the metropolitan area includes around 2.5 million people. It is the capital of Burma’s last royal court and the capital of the Mandalay Region. Ayeyarwady River flows west, embracing the city. Mandalay is 716 km north of Yangon and located in the heart of the dry Myanmar region.

Inle Lake: Inle (or Inlay) in Myanmar means a large lake. It’s located at the center of Shan State, about 40 km south of Taung-Kyi City (coordinates 20.5863° N, 96.9102° E). The lake is located about 889 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountains, and covers an area of about 220 km2.

The deepest of the lake is about 6 m, the seasonal variation of water between the dry season (May) and the full water season (August) is about 1.2 m. Inle Lake is home to the Inthar (a minority Myanmar) and a popular tourist destination of Myanmar.

Here are something you should know about Myanmar map before discovering Myanmar. Wish you have a wonderful trip and lots of memories with Myanmar Golden Land.