Ubein Bridge

Ubein bridge is the longest teak wood one in the world and said to reach some 1200 meters across the Taungthaman Lake. The bridge is now a prime photographic spot in Mandalay as well as Burma.
There are some over a thousand teak piles which support the long walkway on the bridge. These piles are said to have been removed from architectures surrounding such as: temples and monastery. However, over the time, some of them have been removed then replaced by concrete piles. The bridge helps the business between 02 banks of the river become easier. One of the best times to visit is around sunset when fewer people walk and the bridge offers one of the most stunning photographic sites in the country. It was built when the capital of Inwa Kingdom took their control in Amarapura.
Reach the end of the bridge, then you will approach Taungthaman small town. The town boasts with the white marble Buddha statue inside the Kyauktawgyi Pagoda which is set to the southeast of Mandalay Hill. It was said that it supposedly took more than 9,000 men to move the Buddha 13 days from Ayeyarwady area.

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